Tuesday, 21 July 2015


My favorite spot...watching the Bellagio fountain
Our ride from the Airport....PIMP

Exploring the strip

Getting ready to go out...but first #WOLFPACK SELFIE

Wolfpack at Hakkasan @ MGM Grand

Wolfpack @ The Mirage watching Cirque du Soleil "Love"

 Getting ready to go out...but first let me take a #selfie
DJ CHUCKI @ Caesars Palace OMNIA

@Club Omnia

The hostest the the mostest @ Club Omnia

@ Freemont St
Wolfpack all bought new NIkes at the factory outlet!
Wolfpack zip lining @ Freemont St
ONLY in Vegas

 Hunger over as hell sitting by the pool @ The Luxor 

Viva Las Vegas Baby! Where do I start? I have been to Vegas quite a few times but I have never done Vegas the ‘right way’. While I was on a tennis scholarship my university played against University of Las Vegas every year and it was fun to see the strip and everything but let’s face it, no one wants to be the sober kid at the party! So during off season I went once with a guy I was dating but let’s face it, no one wants to go on a romantic holiday to Vegas! This time I was going to Vegas the RIGHT way! This includes getting picked up from the airport in a bad ass stretch Escalade ;) 

We partied, we shopped, we gambled, we drank, we went to Cirque du Soleil, we ate at some cool places, we went to Freemont St...check, check, check! Some people are just there to gamble, others are just there to drink and others just walk in and out of the casinos aimlessly...all of these are fine but if you only go to Vegas once, you want to get the most out of it. There is so much to see and do and I think we got most of it done, but I here are some tips on how to nail Vegas and do it the right way.

1.       MAKE A PLAN:
 I know this may seem quite unusual in the sin city but you need to plan when you want to go and for how long. Make sure you research what you want to do and plan the dates you are there. We wanted to see Britney but couldn’t because she only performs Wednesday to Saturday and we arrived on Sunday and left Wednesday night...major face palm. Make sure you are there for the weekend as that’s when most of the big performers are there. Recommended time spent in Vegas? I would say no longer than 5 nights... Wednesday-to Sunday. Any longer than you will need your stomach pumped or you will need to sell a kidney to pay for your gambling debt.

2.       POOL PARTIES:
Ironically not many people swimming or playing Marco Polo? Ditch the zinc and think more along the lines of a full face of makeup, spray tan, wedges, flashy barely there bikini and large sunglasses to hide half your face. These parties attract the some of the largest DJs in the world and the best ones to go to are Wet Republic (MGM)  Rehab (Hard Rock hotel), Encore beach club (Wynn), Marquee (Cosmopolitan) Make sure you check out when they are on and see what DJs are playing at which clubs, we missed David Guetta at Encore because we arrived Sunday night. 

3.       SHOPPING:
Vegas has some of the best shopping in the world if you are looking to pick up designer clothes for a bargain. America is already cheap but the outlet malls in Vegas are so good plus sales tax in Nevada is one of the lowest in the country. There are two large outlets and I have been to both, so take my word for it and make sure you go to Premium outlet NORTH, not south. It is bigger and better. Like any outlet it will always be hit and miss but you are guaranteed to get some affordable workout clothes from Nike or Adidas ( I got Nike running shoes for $40) way cheaper than Australia. They also have designer stores like Michael Kors, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, BCBG, Kate Spade, Ted Baker, Armani Exchange..the list is endless.

4.       GO TO A SHOW:
Apart from the gambling quite a lot of people go to Vegas purely for the shows. There are so many and it depends on what you like but there is something for everyone. As a massive Beatles fan, we went to Cirque Du Soleil ‘Love’  at The Mirage. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Beatles you will love this- the acrobatics are incredible! A major tip for purchasing tickets is go to the vendors on the street which sell discount tickets. Every morning they will release a select amount of tickets for shows happening that day and it is cheaper than buying them in the hotels or online. ALSO, if you do buy the tickets in the hotel like we did (we left it to the last minute, we were too hungover to function that day) join the rewards club at the casino and you get 30% off ticket purchases. I think we paid about $130 for front row tickets which are usually $180 each.

5.       NIGHTCLUBS:
Most important part about clubbing in Vegas is make sure you have a solid wolfpack, and a good looking wolfpack also dosen’t hurt. Clubbing in Vegas is intense! the clubs are big, crazy, loud and packed to the brim (even on a Monday night), so a good buddy system is a MUST. You have to be prepared for a late night because the best Dj sets are usually from about 2am onward! We went to Hakkasan at the MGM on our first night and it was great and on the second night we went to Omnia at Caesars Palace and it was even better! It was easily the best club I have ever been to...and I have been to quite a few! The best tip about the clubs is that you HAVE to get on the guest list otherwise even on a slow night without a big DJ playing there will be a line of over 300 people waiting to get into the club. Look cute throughout the day and you will find plenty of promoters on the main strip offering free guestlist entry. Or do what I did and message a promoter on instagram- he got us free entry, free drinks and then at Omnia we had our own table behind the DJ booth complete with bottle service! What to wear? Everyone dresses to impress in Vegas but it isn’t the latest hipster trends.  It is sexy, stylish and the flashier the better- think glitter, bandage dresses, a lot of cleavage and sky high heels. Its Kim Kardashian not Cara Delevigne.

I don’t have the best advice on this matter because I was more on a liquid diet when I was in Vegas! However, Vegas attract the best of everything and that includes celebrity chefs- you’ve got Gordan Ramsay, Nobu, Wolfgang Puck. Think of a type of cuisine and Vegas has it and for every budget. If you are really hungry and aren’t on a big budget then I recommend going to the buffets at some of the cheaper casinos. You can get all you can eat for $12! On our last day we went to Gordan Ramsay’s restaurant ‘Burgr’, and for burger lovers this is a must! I don’t eat meat but my wolfpack devoured theirs pretty quickly! I also ate my weight in their sweet potato fries...holy goodness talk about a food-gasm. 

7. Freemont St:
Freemont St is the 'Old Vegas' and is about a $30 cab ride from the main strip. My tip is go during the night because they have a light show that runs above the street. The only good thing about going during the day was that it was less crowded. We did the Zip line which goes all the way down the street, it was so much fun. The wolfpack squealed the whole way...#badass. I am not a gambler but the time we did gamble it was at the Golden Nugget in Freemont St. We had a table to ourselves which was good because we had no idea what we were doing. 

Hope this helps for whoever is thinking about going to Vegas! If you have any questions then comment below. 
Next post I will be posting will be from Cancun, Mexico. More exciting things to come...watch this space.

- Summer xox