Monday, 5 January 2015


Who doesn't need a little motivation once in a while? I am not striving for skin and bones, but this year I am working towards a toned and healthy body. I have always eaten fairly healthy but since moving to the UK I have gained so much weight due to excessive drinking and minimal exercise. One of the things I miss and appreciate the most about Australia is the healthy lifestyle! Everyone is always at the gym and eating healthy...the fruit is amazing! It is most likely due to the weather because who feels like eating a big hot meal when it is 38 degrees? I know that once I move back home in March that I will be playing tennis all the time and hitting the gym with my sisters and the weight will come off. But I am not going to wait till years resolution to get to my goal weight of 54kg starts NOW. In order to lose weight I am going to stick to a few guide lines;

* No Alcohol Sunday-Thursday
* No complex carbs after 5pm 
*No refined sugar or processed foods
* Stick to vegetables and protein/good fats for most meals
* Eat clean and unnecessary snacking
*For drinks: coconut water, green tea and water with lemon

I will share my weight loss journey with you guys and share what works for me and what doesn't. I have been wanting to lose weight for so long and have always made up excuses or put it off longer. So to keep me on track I am going to post my transformation- I will post as often as I can and it will include how much weight I have lost, my meal plan, workout summary and if I am brave enough! 
This is the year that I get my dream bod and keep the weight off! Who is with me? 

-Summer xox