Friday, 11 July 2014


Shirt and Shorts: Zara, Hat: Topshop, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bikini Top: Victoria's Secrets, Watch: Michael Kors

Next stop on our Greek Island cruise was the little island of Patmos. My parents had booked themselves excursions, however Ash and I decided to pass and do our own thing. We truly are the best travel companions because we don't like to plan, we just arrive in a city and 'wing it'. As there was no significant or iconic thing to do or see in Patmos, we packed our bikinis and intended to sit at a bar for some cocktails and then head to the beach. 
As we were  aimlessly wandering the streets (some small back street) we passed a hire vespa and ATV shop. So we spontaneously decided to hire an ATV! No passport or credit card needed.... just hand the guy 10 euros and it is yours for the afternoon! I love how dodgy Europe is sometimes haha. 
We drove the ATV all around the island, up to the monastery, through the small streets and even along the beach! I truly believe that the spontaneous and random adventures make the greatest memories when traveling. Ironically, on our way back to drop off our ATV we passed our parents sitting at a bar and they had a miserable day on their excursion....too many religious icons for my Dad who is atheist haha. He would have preferred to be zooming around on an ATV...he was very jealous.

In regards to my outfit, this is my favorite summer outfit. I wore it here in Dubrovnik last year! 

- Summer xox