Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Top: Forever New, Leather Skort: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Camera Case: Primark

To be brutally honest, Athens is not what I was expecting at all. Besides from the Acropolis there isn't a whole lot to see or do in Athens. It may be because of the economic crisis, but the city in general looks worse for wear and not very well kept. The buildings are old but not in a pretty ancient way...more like a run down kind of way. For a capital city and with so much history I thought it would be more modern or with more historical and ancient ruins to see. 
We enjoyed our short stay there, but I don't recommend staying more than 2 nights. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in the centre of town in the penthouse suite. It was called Diamond Hotel, and it had a great jacuzzi on the top floor with views overlooking the Acropolis. I also recommend taking the Happy Train (you know the little kid trains) around the city, because it is so cheap and it goes through all the little streets cars can't go down. 
As for my outfit, maybe black on black wasn't the smartest decision as it was over 30 degrees! But whenever I wear all black, I usually brighten it up with a red lipstick. This one is from the Kate Moss collection by Rimmel.  

- Summer xox

Saturday, 19 July 2014


When you think of the Greek Islands, the first picture that comes into your head is the white cliffs of Santorini. I have dreamed of visiting this place since I was little and first saw it on of those travel shows, Getaway! We were dropped off on one part of the island (where the cable car and donkeys are) and took the cable car to the top. We had a little look around, however I wanted to go straight to Oia because I have heard so many amazing things and it really is the best part of the Island. Oia is where most of these pictures where taken, however we only had a few hours and it was so packed with tourist it was difficult to get a clear shot. Santorini is so romantic, I will definitely be returning with my future significant other for a romantic getaway! We even saw a bride, and she looked stunning...and you can imagine how amazing those wedding pictures will be. 

We had quite an experience returning back to the cruise ship.After enjoying a few cocktails at a a bar looking over the coast, we headed to the cable car to be surprised by the massive queue. So instead of risking it, we decided that we had to walk down the hill to the port otherwise we might not have made it. We ran down the hill and had to dodge and move over 100 donkeys! I kid you not we were weaving in and out of donkeys...I even had to push one out of the way to get passed! It was an experience to say the least...

I thought it was only fitting to wear a white flowy dress in Santorini...matched with gladiator sandals and braids in my hair, perfect Grecian look!

-Summer xox 

Monday, 14 July 2014


Top: TJ Max (in America),  Shorts: Random boutique on Oxford St, Sunglasses: RayBan, Shoes: Primark

We stopped at the Greek Island of Crete this morning on our cruise. Apart from the Marina there isn't a whole lot to see in Crete. It was also a Sunday so the city was completely dead so that may have something to do with the glum mood that came across. Nevertheless, we walked into the city centre and then had a nice coffee next to the water. 
In terms of my outfit...you just can't go wrong with Navy Blue and White when you are on a Summer cruise can you? Staple outfit and summer essential! 
We were lucky to get as many photos as we did because it was so windy! Check out this photo of Ash being blown away. 

-Summer xox

Friday, 11 July 2014


Shirt and Shorts: Zara, Hat: Topshop, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bikini Top: Victoria's Secrets, Watch: Michael Kors

Next stop on our Greek Island cruise was the little island of Patmos. My parents had booked themselves excursions, however Ash and I decided to pass and do our own thing. We truly are the best travel companions because we don't like to plan, we just arrive in a city and 'wing it'. As there was no significant or iconic thing to do or see in Patmos, we packed our bikinis and intended to sit at a bar for some cocktails and then head to the beach. 
As we were  aimlessly wandering the streets (some small back street) we passed a hire vespa and ATV shop. So we spontaneously decided to hire an ATV! No passport or credit card needed.... just hand the guy 10 euros and it is yours for the afternoon! I love how dodgy Europe is sometimes haha. 
We drove the ATV all around the island, up to the monastery, through the small streets and even along the beach! I truly believe that the spontaneous and random adventures make the greatest memories when traveling. Ironically, on our way back to drop off our ATV we passed our parents sitting at a bar and they had a miserable day on their excursion....too many religious icons for my Dad who is atheist haha. He would have preferred to be zooming around on an ATV...he was very jealous.

In regards to my outfit, this is my favorite summer outfit. I wore it here in Dubrovnik last year! 

- Summer xox

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Top: Jane Norman, Shorts: shop on Oxford St, Sunglasses: Ray Bans 

Much to my surprise we stopped off at a small coastal town in Turkey. Firstly, I had no idea we were going to Turkey and secondly Ash and I just assumed we were on a island off Turkey...we didn't realize it was the mainland until we got back on to the cruise. The water was beautiful, so we decided to stick to the coast and have a long but pleasant walk (minus every car honking as they drove past) up to a beach called "Ladies Beach". 
My experience of visiting Turkey has not been the greatest. Some people rave about Turkey and love it, however I have been to a few different cities and each time I get harassed and it is the only country that I have travelled to where I feel somewhat vulnerable and uncomfortable. We walked through the bazaar and the Turkish men were saying the most derogatory things to my sister and I. Yes, we weren't dressed conservatively....but does that mean we deserved it ? I don't think so. I have also visited Istanbul and Ismir where I was more covered up and traveling with a tall male and I still felt uncomfortable with the attention. I'm not saying people shouldn't visit Turkey, I am just stating that if you are a young blonde just be wary of this before you go. 

And besides, not everyone is going to love every country...I know people that don't like Australia?! 

Highlight of the day: I was very excited to see a Starbucks at the port....great way to start to the day with my signature grande skinny vanilla latte! 

-Summer xox