Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Best Christmas movie ever!

I am afraid to admit it, but I have to honestly say that I am not a 'Christmas Person'. Don't get me wrong it is not because I am the Grinch but it is just because Christmas is usually based upon tradition and frankly my life has been far from traditional....thank god for that! I have only had one Christmas at home with my whole family in our house in the last nine years but that is nothing to complain about. One Christmas we went to a hotel, the next we went to Thailand, the next we were at Disneyworld, the other I was in California and then last year I was here in the UK. I have had a very privileged life so it doesn't bother me that this is the first year I will be spending entirely on my own without any family member. I have spent quite a few Christmas's without my parents but I have always at least been with my sister Ashley. Since I do not have any family or a significant other I thought there is no better opportunity to volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas day. Even though I have had many kind and generous offers to spend the day at friends places, I think I need to do this more than ever. 

It has been a rough couple of months and I need a change of perspective. Sometimes you get so self obsessed and mellow in your own dramas. The simplest of problems like fighting with a friend or not doing well at work seem to consume your whole life and you get drowned in your own sorrows and you begin to think that your life is unbearable. I think everyone needs to time to grieve or to be depressed because it highlights what is important to you. If you are not usually a particularly emotional person like me sometimes it feels good to be able to simply....get it out! 
I need a new outlook on life because the fact is that my life is pretty dam good and helping out the less fortunate will be a rewarding experience. 

London is such a beautiful city to be living in around Christmas time! Everyone is always at the pub drinking mulled wine in their Christmas jumpers. The city is transformed and their is so much to do like Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, ice-skating at Somerset House and shopping at Harrods or Oxford Street. Being home sick in this beautiful city doesn't seem so bad after all! 

To my dear and beautiful family, I love you and miss you so much and I wish I could be spending Christmas with you. I thank you for your unconditional love and for your support. I get to live, learn and explore the world because of you. It doesn't matter where I am in the world, I know that I will always have an amazing family to come back to. It is a sacrifice not being able to spend Christmas together every year but I have had the most amazing adventures and I wouldn't change it for the world. I hope you all have a wonderful day....and try not to fight! haha 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

-Summer xox

Monday, 17 November 2014

"Us Against The World!!"

Plitvice, Croatia
Disneyworld- Florida, USA
Paris, France

 Cancun, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
 Mykonos, Greece
Crete, Greece
Phuket, Thailand
Santorini, Greece
Athens, Greece
San Francisco, USA
Hvar, Croatia

London, UK

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wimbledon, UK
Madrid, Spain
 Barcelona, Spain

 Marseilles, France
 Pisa, Italy
 Rome, Italy
 Pompeii, Italy
 Venice, Italy
 Old Trafford, Manchester-UK
 Niagara Falls, Canada
Boston, USA

This is a hard post to write because tomorrow I am saying good bye to my best friend in the entire world and my partner in crime, Ashley. We have always said since we were little kids "its us against the world". That has been our philosophy through every adventure we have embarked on...and there has been a lot! 
Our relationship is one that cannot even be explained...she is like a limb on my body haha. She is like a part of me, that I never want to remove and that I want to share every experience with. We have done everything together since we were babies, and try coordinate our outfits as much as we can (no matter how cringe we look). When we are together we have no shame, and we each have an unbelievable confidence in ourselves as long as we have each other by our side. She is the most generous, kindest and easiest going person I have ever met. There is no one else I would rather travel the world with... 
We have been to some amazing places and have so many fantastic memories that I will never forget. We walk aimlessly through cities, we catch the most random methods of transport to save money and she never judges when I order a jug of sangria to myself! 
Ash... I am so incredibly proud to be your little sister and even though everyone thinks you are the younger one, I still look up to you and value your advice. I can't wait to finish travelling the world with you and I know you will land on your feet wherever you end up because you will always have my unconditional love and support. 

Love you Ash and I am going to miss you so much xxx


-Summer xox