Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ireland: The Blarney Castle

Hat and T-shirt: H&M, Vest: Forever 21, Leather pants: Bardot, Shoes: Nike

Legend says if you kiss the Blarney Stone, you will be blessed with "the gift of the gab". Well, our poor friend Dan who was taking us on this epic road trip around Ireland was hoping it would have the reverse effect after being stuck in a car with my sister and I for 6 hours a day. 

The Blarney Castle was incredible! The grounds around the castle are lush and green and surrounding the castle or these cool underground caves people used to escape through. We walked up a very narrow stone stair case and when we reached the top the views were incredible. It didn't feel too safe, as there were metal bars preventing a potential 100 metre drop. We walked around the edge of the castle to the famous blarney stone. I was expecting one rock on some kind of podium that everyone reaches up to kiss....boy was i wrong. It is hard to explain but basically you lie on your back on the roof of the castle while a man supports you as you lean back and kiss the bottom stone of the edge. This doesn't make any sense but can you see it better in the photo below. That gap is where you lean across to kiss ledge. I think is worked because two weeks later i aced a 6 hour interview and got a job in London!