Sunday, 25 August 2013

Magic Fountain, Barcelona

Dress: Latin Clothing Co. 

If I had to recommend one place to go on a Euro Trip, it would be to see the Magic Fountain in Barcelona. It was one of the best moments of our trip! There is 2 shows per night but only on the weekends, and it is truly magical. Not knowing what to expect, we rode our bikes down various shady alleys in downtown and Barcelona and finally arrived at the Park. There were masses of people sitting, dancing, drinking and singing around this water fountain show. The colours are beautiful and the water shoots high into the sky in rhythm with the music. They first play classical music for the first 30 minutes and then they play modern and top 40 style music. We danced and sang along and gazed up at the fountain in pure amazement! The pictures don't even come close to how great and how many colours this fountain produced. 
Although it was quite romantic and many couples making out and dancing in front of us, I really would not like to be there with anyone else but my sister! This Euro trip has been so great, and this moment would have to be the highlight. 

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Summer xo