Saturday, 10 August 2013

Red lace in Madrid

Shirt: H&M, Shorts: City Beach, Necklace: DKNY, Sunglasses: Sabo Skirt, watch: Michael Kors

I have an obsession with lace, especially lace shorts! I have them in pink, white and red. My mum says they look like underwear, and another friend said I looked like I was going to the Moulin Rouge...but hey, when have I ever cared what people think about my dress choice! That's what fashion is about, if you love something and everyone hates it...rock it and wear it with confidence, that's how 'trends' start after all ;) 
Madrid is stunning! I didn't have many expectations going to Madrid except great Tapas, but I was surprised to fall in love with this city as much as I did. First of all, not many tourists! Which is always a plus, because when you are visiting a place you want to experience the people and the culture without hearing a Aussie accent every 100 metres. My sister and I could really see ourselves living there...a big city but with a small town vibe, with quaint little restaurants, bars and shops. 

It is a very tidy and quiet city, which once again is surprising because it is the capital. My sister and I both have very 'go with the flow' chilled attitudes, so we aren't planners or organisers when it comes to travelling.....we are more like wanderers and explorers. We strolled through Madrid and literally stumbled upon most of the top attractions. Everyone has different travel styles, different packing styles and different interests when visiting places. I love to travel with my Mum because she organises EVERYTHING, and I love to travel with my Dad because it is one hell of an adventure! But travelling with my sister is the best because she is very easy going, and we love to walk around cities for hours and get lost down small alleys and local markets....we always manage to find our way back though! 

I recommend in Madrid going to the botanical gardens, they are beautiful! It is huge, filled with lakes, fountains and statues....not to mention an outdoor gym which is filled with shirtless sweaty Spaniards ;) 
We went to the Prado museum (Dad's recommendation) and it wasn't our cup of tea. The paintings were pretty but once you see a few, you have seen them all. If you are into art history then you would appreciate it!  
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Summer xo