Sunday, 18 August 2013

Barcelona Beach

White swimsuit: Hot Miami Styles, Denim shorts: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Black swimsuit:ASOS, Leather Shorts: Zara, Necklace: DKNY 

Being Australian, I had a very distorted view growing up of what a beach is suppose to look like; white sand, big waves, blue water and a coastline that stretches for miles! Sadly, this is not the case in Europe. Barcelona beach is packed with tourists...their is trash all over the beach, the sand is grey and the water is murky without any waves. It is safe to say Asha (my sister) and I were very disappointed. 

However, the nightclub and bars that stretch along the beach may make up for it! We had a great night dancing our buts off at club Sotavento later that night. 

I love beachwear! I love coverups, beach clothing and denim shorts. For me its a game of, how much of my flabby bits can I cover without looking frumpy haha I have never been much of a bikini girl, mainly because I do not have the body to rock them. I love monokinis and I think they are alot more fashion forward than bikinis. I am not afraid to take risks with clothes, I will almost were anything...anything figure flattering! I think everyone should embrace the one peice swimming costume! They are not just for old ladies, they can look both sexy and classy. Asos have a great range if you want to try ;) 

Summer xox