Monday, 11 March 2013

Shop My Closet!

Maxi Dress: Size Medium $10
Dress: Size Medium $10
Dress: Size Medium $10
Dress: Size Large but fits Medium $10
Dress: One Size (stretchy) $10
2 Dresses: Size Medium $10 each
Dress: Size Medium $10
Dress: Size Medium (fits like a size small) $10
2 Dresses: Size Medium and small  $10 each
Top: Size Medium $5
Peplum top: size large $5. Skirt: size medium $2
Dress: US size 6 (medium) $15
Top: Size Small $5
2x Skirts: 1 small, 1 medium $5 each
Dress: Never worn, new with tags. Size Medium $20
Armani playsuit: Size small- fits medium too $15
Dress: Size Medium $10
Jacket: Size XS fits small and medium $5
Top: Size Medium $5

FOR MORE ITEMS ON SALE CLICK HERE! 80 pieces going cheap!

Hey everyone! So I have very exciting news to tell the world....IM MOVING TO ENGLAND! It was a very spontaneous and quick decision, but its official and I'm so excited! My sister and I want to do as much travelling as we can before we have to settle down, and it could not come at a better time. No boyfriends, no mortgage, no serious career, no kids....nothing holding us back! I loved living in America during my four years of college, and now that I am home I want to move again. 
Don't get me wrong, I love Australia and my friends and family but I love adventures and love travelling. My parents would always tell us these great stories about travelling around Europe and working in English pubs when they were in their early 20s. They actually met in a pub in London and have been married for 34 years! Who knows, maybe we will find love in Europe too? 

Since I am leaving so soon, I have had to go through my closet and throw out a lot of stuff. I can't bring everything, and since I plan to be gone for 2 years I can't leave loads of stuff here either. So my sister and I are selling some things! If you would like to buy anything please look on the facebook page HERE! and comment below the picture or send me a message. I have a paypal account you can order through for international customers, and it will be $8 for postage :) 

Happy Shopping! 

I am also selling my beloved car! 
BMW 318 2003 $13,000
email me if you are interested: