Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hayden Scott Photography

I am so excited to share these pictures! I did this photoshoot over a month ago, and it was a great experience. My sister, Hayden and I all worked till 4am that morning and then drove to the beach for the shoot. None of us had any sleep and we only had 2 hours to get it done! 

Hayden took some great pictures, and there were so many to choose from. He is a great photographer and makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera. He gives you great direction as well as letting you experiment and do your own thing. Hayden is a true professional, and makes you feel and look like a super model throughout the whole shoot. I am so happy with the photo's... sports illustrated eat your heart out?! 

Girls in Brisbane or the Gold Coast! Hayden is offering 20% off his photoshoots for Summer's Lookbook readers! If you want to book in for a photoshoot with Hayden contact him at

Behind the Scenes Pics