Wednesday, 5 December 2012


 Getting ready...4 hours later
 Walking to the Arena... skinny b*tches?!

booty shorts=festival uniform
"The Crew" 

My sister on top of the world


I don't even know where to begin to describe how amazing my first music festival experience was! For my American and international readers, music festivals are a huge part of the Australian youth culture. There are so many every year but you have to be 18 to attend (the legal drinking age down under), and since I moved to America one month after my 18th birthday I missed out! 
I loved everything about Stereosonic, the music, the dancing, the fashion, the drinking,  the atmosphere and the most important thing, the high! It also depends on who you go with, and I went with the best group of girls. My sister and my friend Bec are one of a kind, beautiful, down to earth and up for anything! We love and have each others backs unconditionally, our phrase for the day "take one for the team."
The dress code for Stereo.... less is more!!! Apparently lack of clothing is the most important thing to remember when choosing your outift. For good reason! It is scorching hot, I saw beautiful people and bodies everywhere and you are dancing your ass off! 
The music was amazing. Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Example and my favorite and my future husband AVICCI! I definitely caught the festival fever, and I can't wait till the next one. I am now even more motivated to go to Tomorrowland!