Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Melbourne Cup!

I STOLE A HAT!! score :) 
DRESS: Latin Clothing Co., SHOES & SUNGLASSES: Steve Madden, ACCESSORIES: Equip and Vintage. 

For my international readers, Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse race of the year, it is "the race that stops the nation"( It is the Aussie version of the Kentucky Derby). It was the first Melbourne Cup that I have ever celebrated. To be honest I didn't think I was doing anything until yesterday when I decided to tag along with my family to a lunch function. So yesterday I went down to the shops and picked up one of the last fascinators in stock, and to my luck it was 50% off! Bargain! When getting ready I was really trying to go for an old school glam 50s inspired look. Trying to channel my inner 'Marilyn' with red lips, false eyelashes and wing tipped heavy eyeliner. How did I do? Not very well because I didn't win the best dressed award at the function....FAIL! 

You know those common fashion rules that you get taught when your young? Like don't mix spots with stripes, always blend your makeup into your neck...and never wear horizontal stripes because it makes you look larger!? Well I would have to safe this is why. I could barely find a photo that I didn't look like a zebra crossed with a whale. Or maybe that was just because I had 10 plates at the buffet....back on the detox as of tomorrow! 
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Me and my beautiful sisters Charlie & Ashley xx