Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Cover Illustration: PACS 03

I took an art class as an elective subject in my final year at college in the US. I have always enjoyed drawing but after receiving a few not so great grades on artwork in high school I gave up. I was a perfectionist and I couldn't settle for a B. When I took a drawing class at college, my passion quickly kicked in! Our last assignment for the year was to design the cover for the PACS book (a text book that every UOP student has to take in the first and senior year of college). 
We had to submit 2 different cover designs for the PACS 01 and PACS 03 book and the winners would be chosen between the 2 drawing classes. I was pleased to find out my design won for the PACS 03 book! 
I used to take pictures of my work on my iphone and send them to my boyfriend at the time, so thankfully I have them to show you how the design developed from start to finish! I am proud of the fact that I have something published with my illustration, name and photo in it! 

It is a little ironic that I designed a book titled "What is an ethical life"? haha the answer is...NOT MY LIFE!
IN THE FIRST STAGES: Drawing my design in Art Class
STAGE ONE: Making a grid for the facial features and hair
STAGE TWO: adding in the crossword with ethical vocab
STAGE THREE: adding a collage of paper bills
STAGE FOUR: the 'almost' final version of my cover submission
YAY! My cover won, and I finally got my hands on a copy!
My photo and cover explanation on the inside of the book
Reading and thinking to myself...I really don't miss studying at all!
My photo and blurb on the inside of the book!

At the time I wrote my "cover explanation" I was dating a guy with the initials GT, so as romantic as I am, I decided to title my cover illustration "Love you, GT"... needless to say that our relationship didn't last long enough to see the book published! Isn't it a relationship rule don't get a boyfriends name in ink? I thought that only applied for tattoos? I guess not. He was my biggest fan of my artwork and still has all my drawings, so I guess his initials deserve to be there after all. Thank you GT for all the support :) 


Friday, 9 November 2012

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012


Gentleman, you're welcome! Ladies, I know, I'm sorry! Last night was the annual Victoria's Secret show. As usual it just gets better and better every year! I don't know how they do it, but the girls just keep getting hotter. I wonder how many diets this kick starts because of this show? I love Victoria's Secret, I wish they had more stores in Australia. I probably don't need any more stuff, but they do make the comfiest sweat pants! 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Diet

I recently asked people on the Facebook page what they would like me to blog about and I enjoyed reading your responses! I will soon get around to each of them but here is one of the request I received: What do I eat, What is my diet plan? I don't stick to a strict diet plan, I eat healthy most of the time but I definitely have my "bad days", sometimes even a week. This post isn't stating that this is how YOU should eat, these are simply meals and foods that I incorporate into my diet. I love food! So I eat healthy most of the time, which allows me to eat large portions :) I work out four times a week and lead a very active lifestyle so I don't cut out carbs completely but when I feel bloated or want to trim down, I simply reduce my intake at dinner. I am not a fan of meat, so I don't go out of my way to eat it. However, if I am served meat at someones house I will eat it. Some rules that I follow nearly 100% is; I don't eat bread with dinner, I don't drink any soda/soft drinks, I don't have a big sweet tooth so I don't eat sweets, candy, lollies or cakes! If I do have a sweet craving I make myself a black tea and add milk and honey :) When eating out, I always opt for the vegetarian options first or fish. I have a diet plan that I have composed which I do when trying to lose a few pounds, if you would like a copy email me at! Hope you enjoy this post, and keep the suggestions coming on the Facebook page HERE!


I don't care what anyone says, I know coffee isn't healthy, but it's not healthy for people to be around me unless I have had a strong coffee first thing in the morning! I can't function without it! I always use no fat milk, so it isn't too many calories ;) 

My breakfast is my healthiest meal of the day...then it all goes down hill from there! I have organic rolled oats with rice milk (try buy the protein enriched one!) I love milk so much that I never thought I would be able to drink rice or almond milk, but my friend Chloe made this for me one day and now I'm hooked! I also add Pysllium Husks, Chia seeds and Flax seeds to it, they are a great source of fibre and kick start your metabolism for the day! For extra flavor add a chopped banana and a small drizzle or honey ;) YUM! 


I LOVE sushi! I probably eat it 4 times a week! There is a sushi train opposite our gym so my sister and I go there for lunch quite often after our workout. To all my fellow single ladies it is also really good "date food" because the portions are small and it is neat to eat! I know you are not suppose to eat white rice when trying to lose weight or eat healthy but it's such a small amount, (thats how I justify it). When choosing sushi stay away from ones with deep fried meats, cream cheese, mayonaise or battered appetizers such as spring rolls. My favorite two rolls are pictured above, salmon sashimi and salmon and avocado (avocado is really good for you, "good fats") If you can, ask for brown rice instead of white!

When I eat sushi or any other lunch I always drink green tea! So good for you, rich in antioxidants and it fills you up more when drunk with your meal. 

My favorite salad is Asian chicken salad, also one of my favorite lunch options!

I have never been a big meat lover and I rarely eat red meat, it must be years since I had a steak. There are so many delicious vegetarian options these days, that taste just like meat if not better! These veges sausages come in a variety of flavours and taste just like a regular sausage but they are 10 times healthier! Have them for lunch with some grilled vegetables, or take a packet to work because the best thing is they are pre-cooked! Just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and you have yourself a very healthy lunch :)


This would have to be my favorite and healthiest dinner! Salmon and grilled vegetables (especially asparagus). 

I have recently discovered "QUINOA", it is really the complete package! It is a complete source of protein, packed with essential amino acids, iron, magnesium, fibre, and calcium! I told you, the complete package. I love my carbs and I love asian food. I could live off stir-fry veges, tofu, curry and RICE! But unfortunately rice isn't the best thing for you when your trying to slim down, so QUINOA is the next best thing! It is very similar to rice but a lot better for you! This is now my go-to quick and easy meal: quinoa, mixed veges and tofu!


These chips are amazing! They are just baked vegetables like sweet potatoes and beetroot. They taste better than regular potato chips I swear! 
I love to eat boiled egg whites! They are a great form of protein. I don't eat the yolk, just the egg whites. Boil a lot at once then keep them in your fridge for a healthy snack. 

The perfect healthy snack, a handful of almonds and Gogi berries! They taste so good together, the only problem is not eating more than a handful a day! 


I add Black Chia seeds to almost everything I cook! 
"Chia is an easy way to add healthy nutrition to your daily diet, with Vitamins A, B12 and C, complete protein (18 Amino Acids), minerals including potassium, phosphorous, folate, zinc, iron, and calcium as well as bowel-regulating soluble and insoluble fibre." 
I use coconut oil when cooking because unlike olive oil it doesn't go rancid when heated! I highly recommend it. Use olive oil in salads but not for cooking! 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Melbourne Cup!

I STOLE A HAT!! score :) 
DRESS: Latin Clothing Co., SHOES & SUNGLASSES: Steve Madden, ACCESSORIES: Equip and Vintage. 

For my international readers, Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse race of the year, it is "the race that stops the nation"( It is the Aussie version of the Kentucky Derby). It was the first Melbourne Cup that I have ever celebrated. To be honest I didn't think I was doing anything until yesterday when I decided to tag along with my family to a lunch function. So yesterday I went down to the shops and picked up one of the last fascinators in stock, and to my luck it was 50% off! Bargain! When getting ready I was really trying to go for an old school glam 50s inspired look. Trying to channel my inner 'Marilyn' with red lips, false eyelashes and wing tipped heavy eyeliner. How did I do? Not very well because I didn't win the best dressed award at the function....FAIL! 

You know those common fashion rules that you get taught when your young? Like don't mix spots with stripes, always blend your makeup into your neck...and never wear horizontal stripes because it makes you look larger!? Well I would have to safe this is why. I could barely find a photo that I didn't look like a zebra crossed with a whale. Or maybe that was just because I had 10 plates at the buffet....back on the detox as of tomorrow! 
P.S Feel free to leave me comments on my blog or on the Facebook page HERE! I love hearing from you, it makes me think people are actually reading it, and inspires me to keep blogging! 

Me and my beautiful sisters Charlie & Ashley xx