Monday, 1 October 2012

Island Wedding

My sister Ash, in a matching turquoise dress


I am such a bargain shopper it is beyond ridiculous. As I said, I refuse to spend over $50 on almost anything, especially things that I am only going to wear once! So when I found this dress in Ally for only $40 to wear to the wedding I was sold! Another added bonus, it came in a variety of colours so my sister bought a beautiful turquoise one. It was the perfect combination of formal with the fabric and beachy with the floral embellishments. 
It was a beautiful wedding on the beach, and I have never seen a more beautiful or happier bride! The day was perfect, apart from the wind! To capture a photo without my hair in my face was a mission. I was also curling my hair for hours, but Fiji is so humid, my hair dropped straight away :( 

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