Monday, 24 September 2012

Island hopping

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Today my sister and I fly to FIJI! After working all weekend and barely sleeping the past few days, we are finally off on a relaxing and well-deserved holiday!  No phones, no internet, no Facebook...we will be relaxing on the beach on a little island off the coast of Fiji for the next 5 days :)...pure paradise!
 I love to travel however I hate airports. The hassle of customs, security, immigration…blah blah…take off your shoes, your hat, your jewelry. It makes the whole process of traveling that much more tiring and stressful. So my advice of what to wear is minimal layers and comfortable clothes! When I have travelled in the past I am usually wearing sweats/ tracksuit or tennis clothes (I played college tennis in California), so it’s nice to finally be able to wear cute clothes on a flight! I also get really cold in planes so this maxi will serve as a blanket during the flight!

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