Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sunset in Fiji

My sister Ash!
DRESS: Citybeach, Sunglasses: Forever New, Bag: Valley Girl, Necklace: F21, Watch: Michael Kors

Let me start off by saying, Fiji is beautiful! The weather is not too hot, but still a little humid and the sunsets are to die for! The first day we came here, we went exploring around the island and ended up sitting in shallow water on this beautiful beach for hours. Little did we know that our friends were looking for us all over the resort, to find out that we were on a private beach at another resort! We had no idea. 
I found this dress about a month ago in the sale section of city beach for about $20! BARGAIN. I don't often shop there because I wouldn't describe my style as very beachy (im more of a city chic). But something about white maxi dresses screams, Summer! (the season, not my name). There is nothing more appropriate to wear on an island other than a spray tan and a white long dress!  My sister and I decided to both wear white maxi dresses to dinner and I think people thought we were getting married haha... on the contrary, I think we are the only single people on this island! 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Island hopping

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Today my sister and I fly to FIJI! After working all weekend and barely sleeping the past few days, we are finally off on a relaxing and well-deserved holiday!  No phones, no internet, no Facebook...we will be relaxing on the beach on a little island off the coast of Fiji for the next 5 days :)...pure paradise!
 I love to travel however I hate airports. The hassle of customs, security, immigration…blah blah…take off your shoes, your hat, your jewelry. It makes the whole process of traveling that much more tiring and stressful. So my advice of what to wear is minimal layers and comfortable clothes! When I have travelled in the past I am usually wearing sweats/ tracksuit or tennis clothes (I played college tennis in California), so it’s nice to finally be able to wear cute clothes on a flight! I also get really cold in planes so this maxi will serve as a blanket during the flight!

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Très Chic

Dress: F21, Shoes:Aldo, Bag: DKNY, Sunglasses: Steve Madden, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Marc Jacobs.

I love white lace dresses, and you can never have too many! This white dress is a good transition dress because you can wear it with black tights in the winter and with ballet flats in the summer! The first time I wore this dress I was at my University Awards night. I was in a rush getting ready and I quickly threw it on. After walking up on stage and received an award in front of all my professors and classmates, my friends informed me my dress was see through and I happened to be wearing black lacey underwear . SHAME!

I also love this bag! I take it everywhere... it is an inexpensive alternative to the Chanel bag that i want :)

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Have a good weekend!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Business Casual

Shirt: H&M, Vest: F21, Shorts: Armani Exchange, Bag: Colette Hayman, Shoes and Sunglasses: Steve Madden, Jewelry: Armani Exchange watch and bracelet. 

My first ever blog post!!! To all who are reading this which is probably 1 person (my Mum), thanks and keep following! I don't often get to wear business clothes, but today I actually had an excuse :) I wouldn't call my outfit super professional but its 'business casual', and was apporporiate for our marketing meeting. I think corporate clothes are so chic and stylish, I hope to get a big girl job soon so I can stock my wardrobe full of pencil skirts, blouses and blazers! 
We also had lunch on James Street in the city and it was so beautiful. The street and area reminded me a lot of Sydney. If I was to live in the CBD, it would definitely be on or near James Street! I had never been there before and since I only just moved back from America, I feel like a bit of a tourist in my home town! I can't wait to explore all of the little shops and cafes around town.